Dr. Elizabeth Duran Swinford

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Dr. Elizabeth Duran Swinford

An educator with over 30 years of experience in the field. I still believe that there is nothing more inspiring than the look of a child experiencing that “aha” moment. It is an experience that I have witnessed many times. It is these moments that drive my passion to educate children.

I believe that children are motivated to learn when they have opportunities to make choices in an environment that is enriching and stimulating. I also believe that they learn best when they are taught under certain conditions and in certain ways. Children learn by doing, so the child has a better understanding of what is being taught. According to Jean Piaget's theory of development and learning, a developing child builds cognitive structures, or schemes, that connect previous knowledge and/or experiences to new knowledge. This connection cultivates the student's understanding and response to his or her environment.

As an educator, I aim to improve the quality of life, the betterment of humanity, and the improvement of opportunities for future generations.