Small Student Groups

  • Program Overview

    We will assess each child to determine their learning style (how they take in information), assess their multiple intelligence (how they process information), and offer each child small group instruction. Pathway to Leadership promotes programming and strategies that impact student achievement and prepares students for informed choices at the high school. Small student groups offer a more flexible learning curriculum, inspire confidence, and feedback is always available to build team working skills and develop stronger communication skills. 

  • Find your path...

    Think Applied Science, Business & Technology, Human Development, Law/Public & Safety is a good fit for you? Check out the degrees and certificates offered within these Career Paths.   Learn more ...

  • Academic and Career Paths

    pacs The Academic and Career Paths are the main body of AUL's guided pathways implementation. Our goal is to remove barriers that stand in the way of our scholars meeting their personal, economic, and career goals postsecondary. Introduction to Academies is the focus for the eighth grade. Each marking period is 10 weeks long and will be devoted to one of the High School academics. The marking periods will cover Applied Science, Law,  Public Safety, Business, Technology, and Human Development.

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