Student Internet Security and Technology Use Policy

  • Student Network Use Agreement

    The use of computer services at the Academy for Urban Leadership is a privilege not a right.  Students are expected to make responsible, ethical and appropriate use of computers and information services, such as the Internet, at all times.  Network and computer services include:  use of personal and school computers and peripherals, use of Internet, use of all associated software.  Students should realize that these services are finite and costly and that such things as time, money and hardware are wrongfully restricted or appropriated when these services are abused.

    The Academy for Urban Leadership Rules of Conduct apply to information services in very particular ways:

    • Students may use only their own password.
    • Students may not reconfigure or tamper with the network system in any way or attempt to access or alter files without proper authority.
    • Students may not unlawfully copy software or information.
    • Students may not use illegal software.
    • Students must cite properly all information that is required from electronic sources and used in their assignments.
    • Students may not access, transmit or download offensive messages or pictures, including material that is profane or obscene (pornography), or that advocates illegal acts, violence, or discrimination towards other people.
    • Students may not use profanity and/or obscene language
    • Students may not harass, threaten, insult or attack others. This includes persistently acting in a manner that distress or annoys another person. If a student is told by a person to stop sending messages, they must stop.
    • Students may not damage the computer equipment, hardware or software programs, files, data or network. This includes any efforts to disrupt the computer system performance or destroy data by spreading computer viruses.
    • Students may not access sites in which warning is given stating someone must be at least 18 years old to enter.
    • Students may not trespass, delete modify, copy or attempt to log into another person’s accounts, folders, work or files
    • Students may not waste limited resources (i.e. paper etc.)
    • Students may not use the school computers for any unethical or illegal purposes.
    • Students may not knowingly or recklessly posting false or defamatory information about a person or organization
    • Students may not send chain letters or “spam”
    • Students may not use the computer system for personal/commercial purposes. Students may not offer, provide, or purchase products or services through the network.
    • Students may not plagiarize works found on the Internet. This includes taking the writings or ideas of another and presenting them as if they were the student’s own.
    • Students may not disguise their identity, impersonate other users, or send anonymous e-mail messages.
    • Students may not engage in “hacking” or attempt to access information that is protected by privacy laws.
    • A student is held responsible for all activity conducted on her account or under her password.

    The Academy for Urban Leadership holds specific expectations for students for how they use their computer during official school hours and after school in the computer lab.

    *Game playing is not permitted on any school-owned computer, server or network system.

    *Students may not post any images of the school or any persons in the school without written permission.

    Failure to comply with these standards of acceptable use of Academy for Urban Leadership technologypolicies will result, in the very least, in suspension or withdrawal of network privileges.

    In addition, all e-mail communications, including all information stored, transmitted, received or contained in the School’s e-mail system, are the sole property of The Academy for Urban Leadership without regard to their content.  The School reserves the right to access, copy, and monitor, block, remove and disclose e-mail messages, communications and transmissions, at any time, without notice. Students should have no expectation of privacy with respect to their activities on the school system, including their e-mail activities.

    Student Electronic Device Use Agreement

    The use of electronic devices (IPad’s, Chrome Books, etc.) at the Academy for Urban Leadership is a privilege not a right.  Students are expected to make responsible, ethical and appropriate use of this device and information services, such as the Internet, at all times.

    • Students understand that the electronic device is school issued equipment and belongs to AUL.
    • Students will be responsible for any damage, loss and/or abuse of the electronic device and be required to pay for any repairs and/or replacement of damaged or lost devices.
    • The Academy for Urban Leadership Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that you are also required to sign still applies for your use of the electronic device.

    Failure to comply with this agreement will result in suspension or withdrawal of network privileges, and/or removal of the right to use the electronic device.