Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support

  • Born to Perform


    Throughout AUL, students and staff will keep the following mindsets with them everyday:

    • Be Leaders
    • Be Engaged
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Prepared

    These four pillars will create the right atmosphere that will have all members of the AUL community able to Perform to the highest expectation.


    Positive Behavioral Intervention Support System 

    Students and staff will work together with the AUL community to implement a yearly PBIS plan that will create a positive growth-mindset based around helping others. Keeping the four pillars in mind, students and staff will be recognized throughout the school year for actions that align with bettering the AUL community.


    When a staff member sees a student being a Leader, Engaging others, showing Respect, and coming Prepared they will give a Born to Perform ticket. This ticket will be filled out by the student and can be placed in areas around the school. At the end of a given time tickets two tickets from each grade level will be selected. Those students that were selected and the staff members that gave a Born to Perform ticket to those students will be given prizes.

    A few examples of these prizes could be:

    • Gift Cards to local stores
    • AUL Swag
    • Dress down for a day
    • Pizza with the (vice)School Administrator
    • Cookout Day
    • And others!


    PBIS Committee

    A part of the community outreach component of PBIS, a committee will be formed that includes members of the entire AUL community. The committee will be comprised of:

    • Chief School Administrator
    • High School Vice Principal
    • Middle School Vice Principal
    • School Disciplinarian
    • Teachers
    • Guidance
    • Security
    • Students

    The purpose of the committee is to have constant feedback from all aspects of the AUL community. It is important to make sure that all parties involved can discuss their observations and data of the program so that PBIS can evolve.