Computer Applications

Course Type: Core                   Course Length: One semester               Credits: 2.50

A basic, introductory course in personal computers, using Microsoft Windows and Office Suite applications. This course also covers PC history, hardware, software and operating concepts. The student will receive hands on experience in MS Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other programs. This course is a prerequisite for all other computer courses.



Course Type: Elective              Course Length: One semester               Credits: 2.50

This course seeks to expand the students knowledge and use of multimedia tools for presentation. Students utilize PowerPoint to create and present presentations that demonstrate proficiencies with graphics, animation, narration, and video. Their creativity is applied to projects that include “How to-Training with Narration”, “Career Presentation” with animation and transitions, “All About Me”, and culminate in a video presentation that combines all the multimedia elements learned in the course.


Students will learn the structure and language of HTML code and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to design websites with text, graphics, photos and hyperlinks. Students will recognize and apply an extensive list of tags including elements, attributes, headings, declarations, blocks, layouts, forms, divs, and paragraphs; positioning, floats, box model, text, border, and padding. Students will use Notepad and their browser to organize code and display their web sites.


Graphic Design/Video Editing

Course Type: Elective                          Course Length: One semester               Credits: 2.50

This course explores the key design principles to create logos, posters, personal identity, and branding. The student utilizes both hand drawn art as well as digital software to create, modify and enhance artwork and photos. Student projects have a strong service based learning component that provides purpose and meaning and integrates the display of their work in the school and community.


Computer Programming

Course Type: Elective                          Course Length: One semester               Credits: 2.50

This course will introduce the student to basic computer programming concepts. Course work will require students to develop and apply formulas and macros in Excel to produce comprehensive spreadsheets and pivot tables. In addition, the student will lead project based learning teams to program and integrate microprocessors, servo motors, and sensors to create robots and systems.