Physical Education and Health

Physical Education

Course Type: Core                               Course Length: Three marking periods             Credits: 3.75


This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn and develop fundamental and advanced skills and strategies of team activities, as well as fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for achieving and maintaining optimal physical fitness.  Students will benefit from comprehensive team activities and cardiorespiratory activities.  Students will learn basic fundamentals and advanced techniques of team activities, aerobic training, and overall fitness training and conditioning.  Course includes both lecture and activity sessions.  Students will be empowered to make wise choices, meet challenges, and develop positive behaviors in team activities, aerobic fitness, wellness, and movement activity for a lifetime.



Course Type: Core                               Course Length: One marking period                 Credits: 1.25


At AUL Charter School the students will be learning about all aspects of health, ranging from mental health to family living. The Freshman class will learn about sex education (protection, pregnancy, birth, STDs, etc.) as well as the aspects of health ( social, physical, mental/emotional). As sophomores, students will be learning nutritional facts, how to read a nutritional label, healthy diets, etc. The Juniors will be focusing on the cardiovascular and respiratory system, CPR and AED devises, as well as exercise and lifelong fitness. Seniors will be learning about family living, marriage, Adolescence and adulthood, setting goals, responsibility, death and dying.


Driver’s Education

Course Type: Core                               Course Length: One marking period                 Credits: 1.25


During Sophomore year in high school students will be taking Driver’s Education. In Driver’s Education the students will be preparing to take the New Jersey’s
drivers written test, the first step in getting their drivers license. In the class we will be covering all the state’s driver laws, roadway signs and marking, the Graduated Drivers Licensing Program as well as the proper way to perform maneuvers on the roadway. At the end of the class the student’s will take the written test where they will need to pass with a score of 80 or higher. This score does not count towards their final grade in the class. In order to take the written test the students must pass the class, failure to do so will require the student to retake the class in their junior year.